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3RAR Secures Crossing

29-30 NOV 1950: Korea, and the Taedong River crossing is secured. The 3rd Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment, secures the Taedong River ferry crossing, Korea.

This was one of only two north-south roads available for the US Eighth Army’s retreat in the face of Chinese forces. 3RAR secured the crossing and protected it from Chinese and North Korean infiltrators.

For a gripping book on the first year of Korea, including the Taedong River position, by Andrew Salmon titled “Scorched Earth, Black Snow: The First Year of the Korean War,” go here; – here’s an excerpt,

“The first year of the Korean War was a tumultuous series of epic battles, ending in a legendary and harrowing retreat. In the summer of 1950, British and Australian troops were dispatched to fight with UN forces in the savage struggle against communism in Korea.

After both triumph and tragedy while breaking out of the “Pusan Perimeter,” 27th Brigade – the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders and the Middlesex battalions, soon joined by the Royal Australians – spearheaded the UN drive north. After a spectacular series of battles, victory beckoned. 27th Brigade was halted to allow the Americans the glory of reaching the Chinese border.

But across the rugged border, in a shock counter-offensive, China stormed south. In a desperate action, 27th Brigade fought its way out of the trap, to join the UN Command on a harrowing, 200-mile ‘bug out.” And across the peninsula, surrounded by eight enemy divisions in terrain higher than Cassino and temperatures colder than Stalingrad, 41 Commando fought alongside US Marines at Chosin Reservoir – ‘Hellfire Valley’, the most nightmarish battle fought by American or British troops in living memory – and escaped annihilation by a hair’s breadth.”

Photo; Diggers of the 3rd Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment (3RAR), walk in single file across the sandy river bed covered in stones. They are dressed in warm clothing and most are carrying heavy packs and weapons. Lying on the sand are large pieces of timber and shovels, for use in bridge reinforcement and repairs. The soldiers are passing another group of servicemen seated in a circle around a fire. More;

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