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Bob Daniells

Wow – what great service! I received my order today. I usually march in the Next of Kin Group in honour of my father who was one of the Rats of Tobruk. His medals and ribbons are in good shape, but this year I thought I would wear his brother’s medals also (he was killed in Tobruk aged 21). The brother’s medals had not seen the light of day much and are in great condition, but not so the ribbons – some of which were damaged enough for me to worry that the medals could come adrift during the march! I really did not expect to get the new ribbons in time for this year’s parade and was relying on some temporary stitching to hold things together. But with the new ribbons to hand I will be able to do the job properly in time for Saturday which is very reassuring. Many Thanks again for the great service.

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