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Trading uniforms for deployment

On an average day, Air Force Sergeant Carly Formosa patrols the northern suburbs of Adelaide as a constable with the South Australia Police.

However, as a reservist, she has been deployed on Operation Accordion as an operations sergeant for the past six months.

“I am employed in the Joint Operations Rooms in the Middle East as part of Joint Task Force 633,” Sergeant Formosa said.

“I am responsible for enabling key staff by providing them immediate support, in many facets, to coordinate and control daily activities.

“It has been a great experience working within the joint environment and learning the intricacies of the other services.”

Sergeant Formosa’s military service is a family affair and her fascination with Defence started as a child.

“I remember seeing my Dad, Eric, a former Air Force sergeant, in his mess uniform,” Sergeant Formosa said.

“I knew at a young age I wanted to be part of the sergeants mess and wear a military uniform, like he did.”

Sergeant Formosa’s mother, Bev, has a decorated wall in the family home with photos and news clippings, not only of Formosa and her father, but also her two brothers, Mark and Trevor, and Sergeant Formosa’s husband, Shane.

“Mark is in the Air Force as a non-destructive inspector and Trevor is in the Army as a rifleman,” Sergeant Formosa said.

“My husband and I met whilst both posted to RAAF Base Edinburgh.”

Sergeant Formosa said it was a challenging deployment knowing the restrictions her family have faced in Australia because of COVID-19.

“I am looking forward to returning home and getting a big hug from my two boys, Seth and William,” Sergeant Formosa said.

“There are plenty of experiences I can take back to my police role, which is one of the benefits of being a reservist.”

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