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Allied Advance into North Korea

9 OCT 1950: Korea, and United Nations Forces advance into North Korea. Following the surprise landing at Inchon, behind North Korean lines, United nations forces rapidly pushed back the North Koreans and advanced deep into North Korea. As UN forces neared the North Korean border, China warned them not to cross into North Korean territory, and that such an incursion would not be tolerated. General MacArthur received permission to pursue the fleeing North Korean forces and shortly after crossed into North Korea.

The capital, Pyongyang, fell soon after.

As part of the 27th Commonwealth Brigade 3RAR advanced north of Pyongyang to assist the US 187th Regimental Combat Team, which had encountered heavy resistance after being dropped behind enemy lines in an attempt to rescue American prisoners of war.

On the morning of 22 October 1950, 3RAR was the lead battalion leaving the town of Yongju when it came under fire from enemy troops within a nearby apple orchard.

The ensuing fight was swift and brutal, with the Australians routing a numerically superior force and suffering only seven wounded.

It was the first combat action fought by a battalion of the Royal Australian Regiment and the men of 3RAR had acquitted themselves well.

In the following week those men would fight two more battles; at Kujin, known as the battle of the broken bridge, and Chongju. Photo: US trucks roll across the border. More;

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