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Ribbon and riband bars

The mystery of undress ribbon bars and their wearing explained.

Ribbon bars (or more correctly, undress riband bars or undress ribbon bars), are only worn on uniform shirts and/or jackets while still serving, and on uniforms/jackets of some other uniformed civilian organisations and occupations.

Ribbon bars are not worn with medals; they represent the medals that have been issued.

They are available in all combinations and comprised of all medal ribands and mounted in accordance with the order of precedence.

Under dress manual protocols, riband bars are worn to a maximum width of four (4) ribands, with awards in excess of four worn in separate rows – females wear three (3) wide.

If you are not serving in the ADF, riband bars may be plastic-coated for durability (and to avoid water or beverage damage) at an additional charge (see edition, below).

ADF members are generally prohibited from wearing plastic coating by their relevant service standing orders of dress manual.

The majority of our riband bars are fitted with two (2) secure clutch pins; if you would prefer a brooch mounting, please specify that in the instructions box during the checkout process.

Many riband bars need devices (rosettes or stars) added to signify extended service or to represent the individual medal correctly (the miniature cross rosette on the VC, the 1960- rosette on the Vietnamese Campaign Medal to name just two). You can select rosettes/stars in the product options.

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