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Beware The Amateur

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, here’s #233. We had a request to remount a set of medals today that had been ‘expertly’ put together by another backyarder, this time in Darwin.

Unlike the usual bad practices of using superglue and hot glue guns to tack back riband and medals (which in this case had been done with loads of hot glue), this miscreant ‘expert’ had also saved himself the expense of adding purpose-built fixings – by hot-glueing drawing pins to the backing (card!) board!! And we all know what happens to cardboard when it gets wet. Sheeesh. It’s not enough that four clutch pins – let alone drawing pins is not enough to support the weight of seven medals.

We know that duct tape can’t fix everything. Now we know for sure that duct tape can’t fix stupid. Uggghh.

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