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Australian Challenge Coins

Challenge Coins Australia

Your turn to put together one of the classic pieces of recognition for service of your own. And it's easy!

Would you like to create a challenge coin of your own? You’re in the right place!

At its origins, today’s challenge coin is an American thing, that like most influences, has found its way into Australia’s military, police and first responder units, companies and associations over the years.

Although, to confuse the issue, there are dim recollections through the ages of Roman commanders issuing coins to legionnaires in recognition of service. More the forerunner of the medal, rather than the challenge coin, we think.

There are a slew of stories about the introduction of challenge coins into common usage, perhaps the most likely is the one where members of the WWII clandestine services, like the OSS (Office of Strategic Services) used a particular coin as a challenge – like a pass phrase – to identify themselves.

Since then, its been widely adopted, moreso since the Viet Nam era, where most units in Australia have their own coins, and we’ve been privileged to design and manufacture many of them.

How do use challenge coins? Originally, someone threw down the challenge by flashing their coin – if you couldn’t flash yours in return, you bought the next round of drinks.

Challenge coins have become a symbolic gift between members of different services, units or associations.

Today they’re commonly swapped between units, services and nations on deployments all over the globe.

So. How do you organise your own?

The custom challenge coin process is simple. Our system for challenge coin orders couldn’t be simpler; regardless of your location worldwide.

  • Your choice of metal colour finish, often bright gold or nickel silver (and others).
  • Prices cover challenge coins up to 60mm in diameter (most are 40mm).
  • Your choice of soft enamel colours hand-painted onto your design.
  • Double sided design, with one side 3D the other usually 2D.
  • Low, once-only, set-up die or mould charges.
  • Your price includes final art and design based on your ideas.
  • There are no further set-up charges when you re-order within two (2) years.

How do you get the ball rolling? Just Four Easy steps.

Step 1: Your first step to having custom coins made to your own design, is to start by sending us your existing artwork, or send us your idea. It can be a sketch or a photo of it. And don’t forget to send your logos, preferably in AI (or EPS, or PDF formats).

Step 2: We’ll send you a rough design proof, just a day or two after we receive your art or idea and work with you until we get your approval – and any revision, if it’s needed.

Step 3: You sign off on your approval of the art, order directly online, and we’re into production. Depending on the complexity of your design and specifications like finishes, enamelling (all done by hand), we’ll take about two to three weeks to complete all the processes involved – including quality control.

Step 4: Done! We ship your order directly to you by courier – free within Australia. Deployed personnel will usually have a post box address within Australia that may result in longer lead times.

Surface options

There are two common surface finishes available in challenge coins, colour-wise. Hard enamel (more correctly imitation hard enamel) or soft enamel;

  1. Hard enamel has a flat and fairly even surface. To the eye it first appears to be smooth and relatively flat. If you run your finger over the surface, you’ll feel only slight edges between the enamel and the metal guide lines or lettering.
  2. Soft enamel on the other hand, has obvious ridge lines and lettering, and the enamel is lower, like it’s multi-level. Enamel quite low and higher, pronounced letting and detail.

The choice is yours.

Help for all our products is just an email or a phone call away. If you encounter any problems or have questions once you purchased from Heritage; the after-sale service never stops!

Trademarks, Copyrights and Logos

When we receive imagery or instructions from you that includes registered trademarks, copyrighted material, or registered trademark logos, you certi􏰀fy and warrant that you have the legal right or have obtained a legal and binding licence agreement to use and/or reproduce any such trademarked or copyrighted material.

Furthermore, you also warrant that your use of said trademarked or copyrighted material does not violate any person or en􏰀tity’s intellectual property rights by using said trademarked or copyrighted material. You shall hold Heritage Medals harmless and free from any liability or any claims made by any individual, en􏰀tity or company.

Potential for delays

We know these can be incredible frustrating!

When we receive your enquiry, we will always use our absolute best endeavours to provide you with a likely delivery date.

Unfortunately delays in manufacturing or shipping are completely out of our control. The biggest culprits for delays are special custom items like coins, keyring and badges, due to the delicate manufacturing process. When we are made aware of any major delay we will email customers who purchased the items impacted as soon as we have accurate information available.

With our manufacturing processes overseas, we rely heavily on our partner factories to provide updated information timelines so we can pass the information along to you. Sometimes these updates take time to get to us, therefore we may see some lag in being able to provide these updates to you. However we all do our best to make sure you are informed as quickly as possible once we’re aware of any delay.

Could I get a sample?

Every coin we make is custom-designed and manufactured for a particular client, and in many cases the designs are protected by copyright. We do keep a supply of coins we’ve made on hand to send potential clients who’d like to ask for a sample to gauge the quality of the work we do. Sorry. It’s not possible to send you a specific coin that was previously ordered by another client. The samples we do send are randomly selected. Important; we cannot and will not, sell copies of any coin we make to anyone other than the original client.

Is your name engraved on the rim of each coin?

NO way! We will never deface your coin. Some others do, regardless of how small it may be; as a sign of vanity or free advertising – it will never happen here.

How is the cost of my coin calculated?

The determining price factors are the coin size, quantity, and any extra options you may add, like featured edges, additional colours, or consecutive numbering.

We make loads of stuff!

  • Badges and Name Tags
  • Challenge Coins
  • Coffee Mugs and Steins
  • Cuff Links
  • Embroidered Patches
  • Key Rings and Luggage Tags
  • Medals and Medallions
  • Mouse Mats
  • Regimental Ties
  • Stubby Holders
  • Unit Desk and Wall Plaques

The legal bit: All sales are final – due to the custom nature of the products we manufacture, all sales are final. Sorry, but please understand, once an order has been submitted for production, it simply cannot be cancelled for any reason.

Payment for all orders is required, in full, in advance for all custom orders. Preferred payment is accepted via direct bank deposit.

Heritage Medals does not accept returns, nor provide refunds or exchanges for custom made challenge coins under any circumstances. Your custom made products were crafted from costly raw materials and manufactured to your individual specifications. These products cannot be restocked or sold to another party at a later date.

However, we do stand behind our products to be free of defects. We will replace at no cost to you any products found to be defective due to a factory manufacturing mistake.

Do you have a challenge coin story? A photo of one you’re proud of you can share? 

Or maybe you’ve heard a different story that might turn out to be the real origin of challenge coins? Take a minute and share it below in the comments below. Love to hear your stories!

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