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Extra ADF support to help with COVID-19

UP to 160 Victorian-based ADF members have deployed as part of Operation COVID-19 Assist to support the Victorian Department of Health with the Household Engagement Program.

The program involves visiting close contacts and returned travellers to ensure they are aware of their status, and to provide information and support services while in isolation. 

The role is vital in assisting the Victorian Government authorities’ response to the current COVID-19 outbreak and state-wide lockdown.

Before deployment, the members were mobilised rapidly from across the state, and concentrated at Simpson Barracks in Melbourne where they were trained, equipped and prepared for their tasks.

The members are drawn from Victorian elements of all three services, including 108 members from Army’s 4th Brigade.

The 160 personnel are in addition to the 252 ADF members already deployed in Victoria on Operation COVID-19 Assist, supporting the COVID Quarantine Victoria program.

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