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The road to leadership

Wynnum Queensland local Claire Withrington is following a well-worn path to lead others in the Australian Army.

Having joined the Army as part of the recent intake to the Royal Military College – Duntroon, Staff Cadet Withrington represents the fourth generation of her family serving in either the Australian or British armed forces. 

Empowering others sits at the core of everything she does, as well as an unwavering desire for excellence. 

“I have a strong and proud family history of service – a legacy I wish to continue myself as an officer in the Army,” Miss Withrington said. 

“I truly believe my purpose lies in serving others by empowering them, which I believe I can best do in a position of leadership.”

Just as her father, grandfather and great grandfather did, Miss Withrington has been preparing herself physically and mentally for the new journey ahead.

“Like everyone else who aspires to attend the Royal Military College, I did a lot of physical and mental preparation to improve my chances of being selected,” she said.

“The most rewarding and probably important work that I did was mental – I spent a significant amount of time reflecting on myself; who I am, who I want to be, how I want to be.”

Director General Defence Force Recruiting Brigadier Duncan Hayward said it was rewarding to help facilitate career paths into the ADF. 

“What we do at Defence Force Recruiting is recruit the right people, in the right numbers, at the right time,” Brigadier Hayward said. 

“Training at the Royal Military College is world class and I’m confident that Claire will do herself and her family proud in the coming years. They should be proud of her achievement.”

To find out more about a future career in the Australian Defence Force, visit

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